Attempt the Escape Rooms in Wisconsin Dells

Though being locked in a room with your family might not sound like the most entertaining way to spend an afternoon, there is a way to make it fun. Escape rooms are a fun and exciting challenge for any group, as you solve puzzles, discover clues and accomplish tasks to, hopefully, escape the room before the time is up. There are plenty of escape rooms in Wisconsin Dells that are ready to host an afternoon of entertainment!

The Top 2 Escape Rooms in Wisconsin Dells

Put your skills to the test and challenge your brain when you enter one of the escape rooms in Wisconsin Dells. Below are two escape rooms in Wisconsin Dells that your family will love. Get ready for an afternoon of fun and teamwork!

Booby Trap Escape Rooms

Booby Trap Escape Rooms is the perfect place for any occasion – birthday parties, company team buildings, unforgettable dates, family bonding activities, and so much more. Here, they have a wide variety of rooms you’ll try to escape, all with different stories, puzzles, and clues. Try your best to escape in 60 minutes and have a blast!

Elusive Escape Rooms

Here you’ll have a great time with the best escape you’ll ever (attempt to) make! With several rooms and several different scenarios, each room will give you a unique and challenging escape experience. Rooms vary with difficulty level, so whether you’re doing this as a leisurely activity or you truly want to be challenged, there’s a perfect room for your group at Elusive Escape Rooms. 

Baker’s Sunset Bay Resort

Photo of Baker's Sunset Bay

Baker’s Sunset Bay Resort is the perfect place to stay with your family when visiting Wisconsin Dells. We have an array of spacious suites and beautiful condos that will be more than comfortable for your group. The resort is near all things to do in Wisconsin Dells, so you won’t have to go far to get to your afternoon at the escape rooms. To come to relax and enjoy Wisconsin Dells with us, book online or call us at 608-254-8406.

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