Where to Find the Best Breakfast in the Wisconsin Dells

When you’re on vacation, it’s sometimes tough to narrow down your options when deciding where to go out to eat. Especially if the destination is sizable, like the Wisconsin Dells, the job is even tougher. Do you want pancakes or waffles? Omelets or benedicts? Or maybe all of the above? During your stay at Baker’s Sunset Bay Resort, let us help you narrow down your options by helping you find some of the best breakfast in the Wisconsin Dells. 

You Pick The Best Breakfast in the Wisconsin Dells 

When it comes to breakfast restaurants in the Wisconsin Dells, there are several spots you need to hit before your vacation comes to a close. Make sure to book enough time here that you can try all of our picks. Let us know which is your pick for the best breakfast in the Wisconsin Dells! 


At Stuff’s Restaurant, the best meal of the day isn’t confined to the morning. You’ll find any possible combination of your favorite classic breakfast items, from breakfast potatoes and eggs, hashbrowns and toast, omelets, and more. The endless combinations are even named simply with letters and numbers to keep everything straight. You want it; they got it! 

The KegBest Breakfast in the Wisconsin Dells

Fun twists on classic breakfast dishes are the norm at The Keg in the Wisconsin Dells. Think: a gyro and eggs breakfast platter, cinnamon chip French toast, and the ultimate Wisconsin breakfast sandwich: a brat, cherry-smoked bacon, fried egg, cheddar cheese, and maple all sandwiched together on a pretzel bun.

BJ’s Restaurant 

Who doesn’t love a good breakfast quesadilla? BJ’s Restaurant has plenty of options, including fun dishes like breakfast crepes and apple, blueberry, or strawberry pancakes or French toast. Get a cinnamon roll on the side and call it the best breakfast in the Wisconsin Dells. 

Lunch, Dinner, and Breakfast in the Wisconsin Dells

If you’re here in the late spring, summer, and fall, consider visiting Mr. Pancake or Belgii’s. Try Mr. Pancake’s famous peanut butter cakes or their hot fudge banana split waffle. At Belgii’s, you can find “waffle handers” (waffle sandwiches) with savory insides, or sweets like Nutella banana. 

Although there is so much to do in the Wisconsin Dells, discovering the best breakfast in the Wisconsin Dells is an enticing endeavor to visit for. Stay at Baker’s Sunset Bay Resort for a great night’s sleep every night before you venture out for some new breakfast food in the Wisconsin Dells. For more information about some of the other best places to eat in the Wisconsin Dells, visit our website or give us a call at 608-254-8406. 

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