Best Summertime Hikes near Wisconsin Dells

It’s no secret that Wisconsin Dells is not a quiet place— there are an abundance of rides, waterparks and many Wisconsin Dells attractions to see and experience during your stay. Be sure to set aside some time to take a break from all the hustle of the Dells and head out on your own to explore the beautiful scenery nearby Bakers Sunset Bay Resort. We’ve selected our favorite hiking trails located just miles from your stay!

Chapel Gorge Trail

Best for an afternoon trip, head to Chapel Gorge Trail for breathtaking views of canyons, beautiful forestry, the Wisconsin River, and mountain scenery.  Great for all ages, Chapel Gorge is just short of a two-mile loop and the perfect place to bring your kids to get away from the crowds of the Dells. Stop by the beach before leaving the trail so the kids can wade in the clear waters after a hot day of being outdoors! Your kids can stretch their legs as they chase many of the dragonflies along the walk, and will be in a complete state of awe as they inspect the scenery of canyons, cliffs, and unusual rock formations carved into Cambrian sandstone. Chapel Gorge is perfect for a quick afternoon outing and is less than six miles from your Wisconsin Dells lodging.

Mirror Lake State Park

Delight in the fresh scent of pine and take in the simple pleasures of nature as you traverse through the tranquil Mirror Lake State Park. With easy-going trails and beautiful rock formations, you’ll get a glimpse of wildlife such as frogs, deer, fish, eagles and an abundance of birds along the way! Make a day of your trip with areas to hike, picnic, kayak, and swim among many other opportunities to be out in nature near the Wisconsin Dells. Be sure to stop by the ranger station to grab a map as they will give you a rundown on where to get started hiking. This dog-friendly park offers spectacular views of Mirror Lake peaking through the trees along the clear paths. Known for its breathtaking reflection of the park in the water, Mirror Lake is a less crowded area located just five miles from Baker’s Sunset Bay Resort and is a great way to get the day started!

Wisconsin Dells

Rustic Lake Delton ResortsLocated on the rustic shores of Lake Delton, Baker’s Sunset Bay Resort offers peaceful lodging close to nature. With plenty of trails to hike nearby, you’ll be able to take a nice quiet walk before a long day out exploring the Wisconsin Dells. Gather around our nightly bonfires with your family to create lasting memories during your summertime stay. To book your stay, give our friendly staff a call at 1-800-435-6515 today, or visit our website to browse through our variety of amenities.

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