A Day On Lake Delton

Imagine walking through the sand as kids are sculpting castles with small buckets and plastic shovels. You hear squeals of excitement as a group of people are happily jumping from a large pontoon and you breathe in the fresh Wisconsin air. Motorboats and kayakers alike are out on the rocking waves, and you discover the perfect spot on the beach to sit back and soak it all in. This is a day at Baker’s Sunset Resort, one of the best family Lake Delton resorts.

Soaking In The Sun

Our beautiful private beach creates an area that is perfect for lounging in the sun. If you are not keen on the sand and would rather have a lounge chair a ways off the beach our pool area allows you to find a clean area while still having those magnificent Lake Delton views. Some of our visitors just enjoy relaxing on the dock as they dip their feet into the water. When it comes to relaxing in a quiet place to recharge and rejuvenate, our Lake Delton resorts amenities offer phenomenal lakeside experiences.

Beachy Days And Fun Summer Nights

Though we offer an indoor and an outdoor pool with a dry sauna and hot tub, there is nothing quite like a true lake experience. With Lake Delton comes a variety of fun adventures that you just cannot get in a pool. Like paddling your way along the shores in a kayak. Coming nose to nose with the beauty of nature and exploring new places. Our beach is the perfect place for a match of volleyball, covering your legs with sand in the shape of a tail to become a mermaid, and of course our nightly bonfires.

Find Your Lake Delton Paradise

It is not hard to tell why we love our Lake Delton resorts and beach areas are one of a kind and the perfect spot for a quiet escape. You will be on the quiet end of Wisconsin Dells so that you can enjoy the thrills of the areas but always rest easy knowing you are in an area without heavy traffic and large crowds of rowdy travelers. Come and discover our beautiful slice of Wisconsin paradise on Lake Delton by calling us or visiting our website. We welcome you to discover all that our Baker’s Sunset Resort has to offer.

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