An Epic Summer Family Getaway

We have entered a time of busy schedules and becoming engulfed in technology. Family time is getting harder and harder to come by with all of the different after-school activities, late afternoon board meetings, and everything else in between that takes up our time. Some days it seems nearly impossible to get the entire family together just for a meal. At Baker’s Sunset Resort, we believe there is nothing more important than family and fun. So pack up the family car and grab the kids for some family fun at our Baker’s Sunset Wisconsin Resort!

Fun Together

When it comes to family fun, we are confident in showing you and your family a good time here at Baker’s Sunset Resort. Whether you have little ones or ones that are not so little anymore and have their own babies, there is something for everyone. Lake Delton creates a variety of lake and lakeside activities as well as a fantastic beach to build sand castles or take part in a game of volleyball or ping pong. You can challenge your family members for the high scores on arcade games or play a bit of Marco Polo in one of our two pools.

Family Adventures

Being on the edge of the busy Wisconsin Dells, you are out of the hustle and bustle of traffic and crowd at Baker’s Sunset Wisconsin. However, you remain in a fantastic location that allows you to easily access all of the local adventures as well as everything here at our resort. This creates endless opportunity for you and your family to easily explore the area and all it has to offer during your stay with us.

Room For Everyone

When families stay with us here at Baker’s Sunset Resort, we know you will be satisfied every. We have various rooms and suites available so families of every size and shape can find precisely what they need. Whether you are hoping to have a lakeside suite or a four bedroom condo, you will be able to find your perfect match for the most comfortable stay for the whole family. You can call us at 1-800-435-6515 or visit our website to find your ideal accommodations and plan your next Baker’s Sunset Resort family vacation!

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